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Fanatical Resident Support

Internet and WiFi for Your Apartment Buildings

At Dojo Networks® our mandate is that we are 99.9% a service and support company.  The technology to deliver it, while important, it is just background noise. Customers only care that things work and that they work smoothly. When customers call, we need to help them as quickly and efficiently as possible to get the issue solved. If we know as soon as they call that the issue isn’t related to equipment or bandwidth, it makes it much easier to get at the root of the problem.

At the core of our philosophy is Fanatical Resident Support. Everything we do is built around providing your residents with a frictionless Internet and WiFi experience. From 24/7 support to our Elemento™ single-screen support system, we are committed to ensuring that your residents rave about the quality of the Internet in your properties.

Service is so backed in our DNA that the book “Delivering Knock Your Socks Off Service”, by John Bush is required reading for our employees. We firmly believe that “Customers don’t care how much you know, until they know how much they care.”  

We care about delivering KickAssWifi™ to our residents.

Resident Support

No More Angry Residents.
Provide World-Class Internet
WITH Fanatical Resident Support.

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