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Managed WiFi Services

For Apartments, Multi-Family Properties & Communities​.

Your residents and prospects not only want amenities, they want convenience. With world-class and property wide WiFi services, your community can have better wireless internet service than its neighbors.

​This can reduce your time to fill apartments and allow you to charge a premium for your rental rates. Dojo Networks® can install and support a high-speed WiFi network in your property.​


Frictionless WiFi

Backed by Our

Property-Wide WiFi From an
Internet Service Provider for MDUs ​

Dojo Networks® installs a cloud-managed and controller-based Ruckus Wireless System. This system provides the solution to the frustrations typically associated with shared WiFi.

Our ManagedWiFi +TM system will move your residents' devices connections to the access point with the strongest signal in the building based on their location. This ensures that they always have the fastest possible internet service for MDU’s. No matter the location, no device should experience loss of signal.

Do you want better WiFi and Internet for your MDU property? You have options for your tenants. Start a conversation with Dojo Networks® to get started on your custom plan.​

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The Latest Developments in MDU WiFi​​

The Benefits of Smart WiFi​

  • Smart WiFi uses artificial intelligence to make sure each device is getting the best connectivity​
  • Eliminates WiFi interference from competing devices​
  • Maximizes the wireless spectrum for performance in your building​
  • Higher security features for both property managers and tenants​
  • Residents can “take their LAN” with them and stay connected privately throughout your network​
  • Managed WiFi Services take the stress of supporting internet service away from your team​
  • Generates revenue with bandwidth upsells and related services​
  • Increases the value of your buildings with an infrastructure you own​
  • More renewed leases, helping you save on turnovers costs​
  • Reduce labor with Smart Building and IoT technologies to help you better manage the property​

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89% of Residents Won’t Move Into an
Apartment that Doesn’t Have High-speed

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