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Managed WiFi for Multi-Family Apartments

Property-Wide High-Speed Internet & Managed WiFi

From luxury high-rises to large garden-style communities, Dojo Networks provides frictionless managed WiFi to residents throughout the property. When you team up with Dojo Networks®, you can rest assured that anyone living, working or simply staying in your community will enjoy a fast and easy connection to the content they care about. Plus, you reap the benefits of working with one expert who takes care of all of your multi-family internet services.

The DojoNetworks Solution for Multi-Family Apartments

The Dojo Networks Solution for Multi-Family Apartments

Whether you’re streaming in your unit, surfing by the pool, or watching the big game in the community clubhouse, Dojo Networks® delivers managed WiFi that goes with you wherever you are on the property.

The Fourth Utility

Internet is no longer just an amenity. It’s now considered the fourth utility and has become a necessity much like electricity, water, and gas. It’s like turning on your lights or running the faucet: it just has to work. All the time, every time. Period.

The Fourth Utility

The Nation’s fastest growing provider of property-wide managed WiFi