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About Dojo Networks

We deliver high-quality fiber Internet to MDU communities and campuses.

Dojo Networks® is a leading provider of high-speed data services focused on working with multi-family communities (MDUs). The company started providing ISP services in 1996 and has been providing services in its current form since 2001. Currently, the company provides service to hundreds of properties and has been growing at over 40% per year.

Dojo Networks® is a rapidly growing internet service provider that specializes in Internet for apartments and multi-tenant housing including student housing, low income housing, senior housing, condominiums and multi-family housing and Home Owner Associations (HOAs). We continue to improve and refine our offerings. Providing amenity-based Internet services is now the primary service and our singular focus.

World Class Internet

No More Angry Residents.
Provide World-Class Internet
with Fanatical Resident Support.

Our Philosophy

Fanatical Resident Support

Our mission is to build a network that not only works well, but is resilient, highly monitored, and easily and rapidly supportable and upgradeable for the future, and keeps up with the latest competitive offerings. We also aim to build an asset into each property and be a true partner to our clients.

At the core of our philosophy is Fanatical Resident Support. Everything we do is built around providing your residents with a frictionless Internet & WiFi experience. From 24/7 support to our Elemento™ single screen support system, we are committed to ensuring that your residents rave about the quality of the Internet in your properties.

Network Architecture

In building its robust carrier class network, Dojo Networks® has focused on several key design principles that have guided its equipment and configuration decisions:


The company has identified the premier equipment based on reliability & support capabilities. It uses primarily Cisco and Ruckus ICX switches and routers as well as carrier-class fiber equipment. These carrier-class vendors have been selected because they perform reliably, and fit a wide variety of usage cases in our network and provide easy upgrade paths.


Dojo Networks® typically builds sites with multiple paths in and out. The company prefers ring architectures and has live secondary equipment serving different paths of the ring at multiple important locations.

Easy Support

Dojo Networks® relies on fairly common equipment so it’s very easy to find additional units and find staffing to support them. Having a limited number of equipment models in the network allows Dojo Networks® to spare items with fewer parts and keeps our staff more familiar with our platforms for quick repair in the event of a hardware failure.

We typically build fiber to a property and then install a high-quality on-premise network, either wired Cat6 or fiber, and add on trouble-free WiFi depending on the building owner’s needs, goals and budget. We work through all the options to ensure a win-win situation for property owners and their residents. 

Property owners are able to make margins while offering a hands-off amenity at less than tenants can get it themselves elsewhere. Owners earn a revenue share on any speed upgrades selected by tenants. The residents benefit by getting an excellent service that is cheaper than the alternatives.

  • Increase your property's value
  • Increase your property's monthly revenue
  • Provide residents with their number one desired amenity
  • Earn more than you do from a marketing agreement