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Internet Service Provider for MDUs

Full-Service ISP for Apartments & Multi-Family Communities

We work with building owners and managers to provide high quality Internet and WiFi to everyone who lives or works in their buildings.

When you team up with Dojo Networks®, you can rest assured that anyone living, working or simply visiting your building will enjoy a fast and easy connection to the content they care about. You and your residents reap the benefits of working with one expert who takes care of all your Internet services from bulk bandwidth to managed WiFi and Fanatical Resident Support.

Dojo Networks® provides MDU owners and managers with innovative and cost-effective broadband solutions, ranging from simple installation and enabling of Wi-Fi hotspots to 100% managed WiFi services for robust and redundant broadband data networks. Our Total Managed Service provides a complete outsource solution for turnkey secured networks monitored and managed by Dojo Networks®, including:
  • Frictionless onboarding for your team and your residents
  • Fanatical Resident Support
  • Community-wide WiFi customized to your campus
  • A turnkey, secured network monitored and managed by Dojo Networks®
  • All infrastructure and equipment are monitored and managed by Dojo Networks®
  • Bandwidth management & RF spectrum management
  • User management
  • User communities will be secure, monitored and regulated to prevent unauthorized access
  • A total maintenance and service agreement

Frictionless WiFi

Backed by DojoNetworks'

Fanatical Resident Support

The Nation’s fastest growing provider of property-wide managed WiFi​

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What is Elemento™?

Our Complete Customer Management System

  • Customer Monitoring
  • Ticket Monitoring & Call Tracking
  • Device & Network Monitoring
  • Billing & Upgrade Management
  • Bandwidth Monitoring & Provisioning
  • Resident Messaging & Communication Tool

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89% of Residents Won’t Move Into an
Apartment that Doesn’t Have High-speed

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