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Dojo Networks Rescues Property Owner from Poor Network Design

Dojo Networks has a success story in Port St. Lucie, FL that is worth sharing! In mid-2023, Dojo Networks completed a remediation project for Terraces on the Square, an 82-unit two-building three-story property located in Port St. Lucie, FL.

The Problem: Not a True Managed WiFi Network

The existing internet solution was not a true managed WIFI solution with 24 x 7 support and monitoring. Instead, it was a hybrid solution that used existing Cat5e wiring to provide a wired connection to each unit. Bandwidth of about 200 Mbps was supplied via two-cable modems, but there was no subscriber management or Quality of Service (QOS) system in place to make sure customers were receiving a good experience. The property owner reached out to DojoNetworks and requested a hyper-accelerated solution to appease their dissatisfied tenants.

The key issues with the existing solution included: 

  • No 24x7 end user support; in reality, almost no support 
  • No 24x7 monitoring of the network 
  • Poor speeds, latency on connections 
  • Frequent outages due to residential modems and cable operator maintenance 
  • Tenants hooking up wireless routers that stepped on other routers, causing congestion and connectivity issues due to wireless interference 
  • Heavy burden on site management dealing with internet complaints and issues


Dojo Networks’ Solution: Remediation Plan and Network Redesign

Dojo Networks performed a site survey in June 2023. After gathering the details and understanding the project scope, we created a remediation plan to upgrade the network to fit the owners budget.


Phase 1

The project’s first phase started with a comprehensive site survey to evaluate the property’s current network infrastructure and identify its shortfalls and what wiring could be re-used to bring down costs. The survey results led to the development of the network redesign plan that was presented to the property owner the second week of June.


Phase 2

Final wiring tests were completed, followed by installation of new equipment and configuration of the redesigned network. The project included the following upgrades:

  • Installation of one Ruckus H550 AP unit in each unit for dedicated wireless service 
  • Installed new wiring and Ruckus AP units in five common areas: fitness center, office, clubhouse, media room, and pool 
  • Inspection and clean up of the Cat5e network with repairs and replacement where necessary 
  • Installation of new two MDF units with standby power, new routers, switches, and cellular connected console servers for each of the two buildings 
  • Owner upgraded the circuits to faster speeds to handle the new service offering

Phase 3

DojoNetworks evaluated the newly designed Managed WiFi network and certified that each AP is operating at up to 1 Gb. Upon completion of testing, the DojoNetworks team implemented 24/7/365 monitoring of the network and all devices and 24/7/365 support for property residents. 

The final task of Phase 3–upgrading wiring in individual tenant units–was performed between July 15 and August 8, based on resident schedules and availability.


The Results: Project Completed Within Budget and 100% Tenant Satisfaction

Over a span of approximately 30 days, the DojoNetworks team scoped, designed, and installed a Managed WiFi network that eliminated resident complaints about their internet service. 

The redesigned 1 Gb network was completed within the owner-established budget and gives the property the ability to upgrade to fiber bandwidth for increased internet service speeds.

"I first need to say, 'Great job!' We went from an actual rat's nest to a beautiful, clean telecom room. The speed of this project for us was absolutely unheard of. A few hiccups along the way, but we worked together to get the issues ironed out. Prompt service for myself as property manager of Terraces on the Square but ALSO prompt service for my residents. I love that they can put in a support ticket, and Dojo is there to help. Great service and great experience for all of us here." - Karen Dolson, Property Manager

Interested in your own WiFi rescue project for your property? Let’s talk. 

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