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Nittany Pointe – Altoona, PA

An existing garden style property that was built by a national student housing company and had both fiber and Cat5 Ethernet already installed to all of the units, wiith Ethernet to every bedroom.

The Problem
The property was serviced by another managed service provider, however the property was continually dealing with complaints about internet speeds and issues. In fact the internet was so bad that more than 80% of the residents were going out and purchasing their own internet from the local cable company even though it was provided by the property as an amenity.

Dojo Networks Solution
The owner wasn’t ready to install property-wide WiFi, but did want the internet to work and be competitive with market speeds so it was actually viewed as an amenity by the residents. The current model is/was a bring your own router (BYOR), meaning residents have to purchase or bring their own router if they want WiFi. Dojo Networks® built a 10Gb fiber backbone to the property, provided the property with customer education information for both pre-leasing and move-in customers. In addition Dojo Networks® provisioned the network with guaranteed speeds to the residents and also provided individual upgrade options for residents to purchase more speeds if they wished or needed them. Finally Dojo Networks offered a rented Router option, so that residents could rent a managed router from Dojo Networks that Dojo could remotely support as well as be able to support the WiFi and customer devices behind the router. Dojo keeps inventory of the routers at the property management office so a resident can just stop in and get one if they want or need it.

The Results
Onboarding of the residents went very smoothly. Each apartment has a Private Area Network (PAN) allowing for shared devices and IoT, such as Apple TVs, Roku, Alexa and more to work seamlessly and be shared in the apartment, but not beyond. Each apartment has an Ethernet port in every bedroom that is supported. The daily internet complaints dropped to zero with DojoNetwork's fanatical resident support. Shortly after resident turn and our service had been installed. One of our techs was on the property and bumped into the Cable company tech, he said, “I don’t know what happened here, last year we served almost this entire property, now we don’t even have one customer.”
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