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Senior Living & Assisted Care Communities

Community-Wide High-Speed Internet & Managed WiFi

Dojo Networks® has the experience you need when serving communities built for seniors and assisted living. The needs of seniors for simplicity and WiFi assisted calling are different than a student’s needs for high-speed gaming and live classes. Both markets require high-speed and reliable Internet with fanatical resident support; but the specifics of how they will use your network is critical to planning and resident happiness. Knowing the needs of your residents is what sets Dojo Networks® apart.

The DojoNetworks Solution For Senior Housing

The Dojo Networks Solution for Senior Housing

New properties in this space are very similar to conventional buildings or student housing. They should be wired and planned for maximum speed and the latest technology. However, most of our opportunities in the senior living space have been in brownfield properties or existing construction. These older buildings require creativity and planning to provide seamless Internet access to your residents. With the Dojo Networks® team and technology, these hurdles are easily overcome. With an internal team or traditional Internet provider, these challenges lead to poor performance and disappointed families.

Where’s My ROI?

In senior living, many have been hesitant to understand how critical this utility is to your residents and their families. However, today’s seniors are often tech users who leverage video chat to keep in touch with kids and grandkids. Many leverage streaming video services more than younger users. Dojo Networks® offers services that will help you get more lease signings and provide the right speed upgrade levels so that you can profit from the Internet we provide. When you work with us to plan your Internet services for a senior care residence, we will walk you through what is best for your tenants and your property.

Where’s My ROI?

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