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Dojo Networks® Transforms Senior Living Facility’s WiFi

The Timbers, a senior living community owned and managed by Transforming Age in Apple Valley, MN, consists of 105 units. Facing the need to upgrade their Wi-Fi infrastructure, they turned to Dojo Networks for expert assistance in providing reliable internet access to their residents.

The Problem: No In-Unit WIFI Access for Tenants & Limited, Slow Common Area Coverage

The Timbers faced significant issues with its Wi-Fi service, impacting both residents and staff operations. In late 2023, Transforming Age approached Dojo to devise an urgent plan for Managed Wi-Fi Service at the property. Residents lacked internet access in their units, while coverage in common areas was limited, with speeds only averaging 10-20Mbps. The existing service, reliant on a cable modem, suffered from poor reliability and coverage.

Dojo Networks' Solution: Infrastructure Overhaul with Cat6 Rewiring and Ruckus Access Points

Dojo created a Project Plan to overhaul the property's infrastructure, implementing Cat6 rewiring to every unit and installing a Ruckus H550 Access Point in each apartment for tenant usage. Additionally, common areas were rewired, with ceiling-mounted Ruckus R550 APs installed in each space. 

Despite the challenges posed by the property's older structure, the rewiring was executed with tenants in residence, prioritizing clear communication and minimal disruption. A robust fiber circuit was established to ensure reliable internet service for staff and tenants. 

Navigating the complexities of the building's layout, cables were vertically routed from the top floor to each unit, with the installation finished neatly using ½-inch channel molding. The Main Distribution Facility (MDF) was situated in the cellar, housing Dojo's rack, switches, routers, console server, and UPS battery backup. An Intermediate Distribution Facility (IDF) was strategically placed on the second floor to maintain cable runs under 300 feet. 

The administrative network was also migrated to Dojo, leveraging fiber circuit connectivity, and resulting in significant monthly savings exceeding $300 for the site.

Dojo Installation
Dojo Installation II


The Result: Project was Completed under Budget and Ahead of Schedule 

The project kicked off on December 1, 2024, and wrapped up on December 28th, 2024. Dojo efficiently completed the rewiring by reallocating installation crews from other projects and utilizing pre-purchased inventory, resulting in a successful outcome under budget and 15 days ahead of schedule.  

Residents at Timbers now enjoy wireless connections at 100/100 Mbps and wired connections at 200/200 Mbps, with upgrades available, and it’s all supported by a 10 Gb to-the-unit infrastructure.  

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