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Managed WiFi for New Affordable Community

Monarch Commons, a 52-unit new construction project in Cicero, NY, was built by CDS Housing for affordable housing residents, primarily seniors and military veterans. CDS signed with Dojo Networks in July 2021, proceeded with the construction, and went live with Dojo-provided Managed WiFi on February 1, 2023.

The Problem: New Affordable Housing Community Needs Worry-Free Internet Access

CDS Housing asked Dojo to put together a Managed WiFi system that would be cost effective and provide high quality service to the residents in time for the facility’s opening.  CDS also wanted a partner that would work directly with their construction team, Christa Construction, for a seamless installation.

Dojo Networks® Solution: Managed WiFi Network Engineered for Today and the Future

Dojo put together a project plan and hosted a project kickoff call with CDS and Christa within 30 days of contract signing. As work progressed, Dojo held monthly update meetings to collaborate with Christa and confirm that low voltage cables and conduits were built to Dojo specifications.

The system Dojo implemented includes one RUCKUS Networks H550 wall-mount access point in each living room, near the wall where residents typically place their Televisions. The H550 has four ethernet ports for the tenant to use for a wired internet connection, if desired.

Dojo’s system design also includes RUCKUS R550 ceiling-mount access points in each common area at Monarch to provide seamless internet service as residents roam throughout the property.

The property has one main telco closet (MDF) and one secondary closet (IDF). Dojo connected the two closets with 12 strands of single mode fiber to ensure speed reliability and allow for future upgrade capabilities.

Dojo also installed a UPS battery backup and a real-time monitoring console with cellular backup to provide 100% monitoring coverage, even if the fiber circuit were to go down. The property is fed with a fiber circuit and provides each tenant with 200 Mbps base speeds throughout the property.  Residents can individually upgrade to up to gigabit.


The Results: Project Completed Ahead of Schedule and Within Budget

The managed WiFi network was designed and installed within budget and was activated two months ahead of the CDS deadline.

Fanatical resident support is a component of every Dojo Networks Managed WiFi installation, meaning that the property management at Monarch Commons can relax in knowing that the Dojo support team is providing 24x7 device monitoring and customer support from our contact center. Through its first year of operation, the property had an annual support ticket rate of less than a 1%, and no service outages were reported.

“Every organization is just a collection of people, and all of the people that I’ve interacted with at Dojo have been forthright, they’ve been receptive, they’ve been responsive, they’ve been excellent to deal with. So if our relationship remains operating the way that it has, then we don’t really see a need to explore other vendors.” - Patrick Pinkerton, Director, CDS Housing


Monarch Commons residents enjoy Dojo’s world-class quality service and support with their new Managed WiFi System.

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