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A holistic customer management system that delivers unrivaled support

Elemento™ is a multifaceted single-screen support system that powers not only Dojo Networks®, but our property managers and their residents as well. Dojo Networks® relies on Elemento™ to auto-configure new properties in record time and then trusts the system to manage the property 24/7.

Property managers can rely on Elemento™ to keep a pulse on Wi-Fi performance and bandwidth use for individual residents or across entire properties. Residents are given the power to submit and track service tickets, monitor their own devices and usage, or even upgrade their plans or pay their bills.

Furthermore, Dojo Networks® continuously monitors Elemento’s performance to identify opportunities for improvements, guaranteeing an upward trajectory for customer support.


Elemento Resolves Support
Tickets in Record Time


Full Control for Property Owners

Complete customer management in one convenient dashboard

Dojo Networks® is committed to providing your residents with a frictionless Internet and Wi-Fi experience, and it all starts with Elemento™. Property owners and managers have the power to generate real-time reports, activate or deactivate resident accounts, resend customer credentials, and keep an eye on bandwidth and device usage.

Elemento™ also serves as an equipment-monitoring hub for any smart building devices, such as door sensors, humidity monitoring, smoke or fire sensors, leak detection, and other asset protection IoT. This feature, combined with utility monitoring, gives you complete control over your property to maximize efficiency.

Your Residents Will Love Elemento™

Dojo Networks® makes troubleshooting Internet and Wi-Fi issues easier than ever for residents thanks to our single-screen support system


Residents can easily and securely track their bandwidth and device usage through Elemento™. If they ever lose or forget their credentials, Elemento™ can resend or even change them as needed. Residents can also have the property manager issue new credentials through Elemento™.

Excellent Support

Residents love Dojo Networks® and Elemento™ thanks to our unmatched customer support. Elemento™ has helped Dojo Networks® cut the average support ticket resolution time by 95%, which is something no other provider can offer. The average support call is answered by a human technician within 15 seconds, leading to a 99% resident satisfaction rate.

Easy to Manage

Residents can easily manage Internet and Wi-Fi through Elemento™. Whether they want to upgrade to faster bandwidth plans, monitor devices and usage, or simply pay their bills, Elemento™ is a single-screen support system that requires little to no technician intervention. If residents are experiencing issues, they can submit a ticket that will efficiently be resolved by customer support.

Elemento Fuels Dojo Networks

A system that guarantees continuous improvement

Despite Elemento™ boasting a customer satisfaction rate of 99%, Dojo Networks® is always working to improve the software to deliver an even higher level of customer support. The ultimate goal is for Elemento™ to solve problems before residents feel the need to create a support ticket. Currently, Dojo Networks® is working to analyze escalated support tickets to identify additional features that would keep future tickets from needing assistance from a Level II technician.

Beyond being a complete customer management system, Elemento™ is the backbone of Dojo Networks® as a whole. Elemento™ is used to track our technicians, maintain customer contracts and building, identify localized power outages, and even has a complete knowledgebase of details and troubleshooting tools for all properties. Elemento™ was designed to grow and scale with Dojo Networks®, and we named it so because it manages every element of our business.

Dojo Networks® understands that the Internet is the fourth utility, and people expect it to be as ubiquitous and simple as other utilities. Elemento™ was built to deliver that experience.