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Existing Construction (Brownfield)

Adding World-Class Internet & WiFi to Existing Buildings

Experience + Planning = Frictionless Onboarding

At Dojo Networks, we cut our teeth working with existing construction projects or “retrofits”. We have the experience it takes to evaluate your existing infrastructure, wiring and building layouts to devise the best plan for your resident’s Internet experience & your bottom line.

Our team will plan your fiber run, recommend your bandwidth capacity, review your blueprints and wiring diagrams and plan where your data closets and wireless access points should be located. In short, the Dojo Networks® team will do the heavy lifting to provide you with your custom plan.

Challenges Faced During
Brownfield WiFi Projects

  • Amount of capital investment required

  • Professionally running new wiring

  • Lack of necessary data closets

  • Apartment access for in-unit equipment

Challenges Faced During Brownfield WiFi Projects

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89% of Residents Won’t Move Into an
Apartment that Doesn’t Have High-speed

Dojo’s Solution for
Existing Apartment Properties

Dojo’s Solution for Existing Apartment Properties

Dojo Networks® has been solving these challenges for MDU properties for years. Starting with the challenges of the capital expenditures. With Dojo Networks®, we can amortize the costs of your infrastructure into your managed services agreement. By financing your CapEx investment, Dojo can provide you with a fixed cost per unit and immediate performance benefits for your Internet.

The challenges of new wiring and additional data closets are also a common issues we’ve faced. New wiring can be run by our team or your contractors. We work with you to plan clean installs that attempt to minimize track and maximize the professional look of your property.

The apartment access issue is solved by our Elemento™ system. We work with your team to develop a time window for installs and messaging, then communicate directly with your residents to schedule at their convenience.

Our Proven Process

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