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Norse Home Seattle, WA

Managed WiFi for Senior Living 

The Norse Home managed by Transforming Age property is a 140 unit 6 story building in Seattle, WA. It is a Senior Living Complex filled with individuals in the age range of 60-90 years old. Their residents needed a better Internet experience, service and performance to allow them to stay in touch with family members though Facetime and other streaming applications.

The Problem 

The current service at Norse was provided through Comcast using modems and low speeds for the facility which made it difficult to stream and was not reliable as a communication link to loved ones and family members.  The Comcast solution was not a managed WIFI solution and placed a burden on site management for all support, monitoring, and maintenance.

Dojo Networks Solution

The Dojo Networks solution was to implement a re-designed internal network with an Access Point for each unit and every common area that would provide a minimum 100 x 100 Mbps solution for all tenants.   The project was able to use most of the existing wiring to do a complete takeover and transition over four days.  All network lines were tested, toned, and labeled and the layout of the system was improved to make it more supportable.  All equipment was pre-tested and configured prior to installation.

The Results

Onboarding of the residents went very smoothly and since that time resident satisfaction has been very high. Dojo Networks® has worked with Norse Home to integrate their resident’s information into the Dojo Networks®’ Elemento platform. Elemento gave Norse Home visibility into the network operation, performance, and tickets at all times and allowed site management to issue new credentials as new tenants moved in and out of Norse Home.

The new network at Norse home was equipped with full equipment monitoring of all devices, UPS power backup, and cellular redundancy giving Dojo Engineers redundant access to all equipment remotely and the ability to monitor network performance at all times. Dojo was also able to provide a new fiber circuit that provides an outstanding connection for the entire Norse Home network.

The solution has been a true partnership between Transforming Age and Dojo Networks and has been a win for all parties involved with the tenants receiving great service and support.

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