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The Grand Apartments in New York, NY

The Grand Concourse managed by Goldfarb properties is a 186 unit 17 story building in the Bronx, New York. It is a conventional apartment building filled with families and professionals, many who work from home.  Their residents needed a better Internet experience, service and performance.

The Problem
The management company was providing the internet as a competitive amenity, directly selling it to the residents.  They were buying fiber bandwidth and provided the infrastructure, but this is not their core business and was a distraction having to handle resident calls and issues. The management company didn’t have the internal resources and infrastructure in place to provide Internet service as a first class amenity. Even though it is a good margin business for the management company the distraction and downsides of residents not having a premier experience could quickly cause negative reputation issues for the property owner. Goldfarb properties looked for an ISP partner that could come in and manage the resident experience end to end, providing a great internet experience and a great support experience when the residents need it, 24/7.

Dojo Networks Solution
Goldfarb Properties partnered with Dojo Networks to come up with a high speed internet solution where they are still making good margin on the Internet service and providing an even higher level of support and service to their residents without the distraction of having to worry about individual resident Internet issues. Within four weeks of being contacted, Dojo Networks replaced all of the in building equipment with managed equipment and took over the management of all of the equipment and support for all of the customers. The transition of the entire building was done apartment by apartment over three days and was completely painless. All network lines were tested and toned and the layout of the system was improved to make it more supportable.  All equipment was pre-tested and configured prior to installation.

The Results
Onboarding of the residents went very smoothly and since that time the resident satisfaction has been very high. Dojo Networks has worked with Goldfarb to integrate their residents information via API directly between their property management system and Dojo Networks' Elemento system so that there is seamless integration when customers move-in and move out and whether they are subscribing to service or not. The solution has been a true partnership between Goldfarb and Dojo Networks and has been a win for all parties involved with the tenants receiving great service and support. In follow up discussions four months after installation with property management we have been advised that before we installed service in the building they had daily complaints about the internet. Since Dojo installed service and support their office hasn’t had a single complaint.
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