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The Apartment Store – Bloomsburg, PA

Keystone Real Estate Group, a.k.a. The Apartment Store manages multiple student properties each made up of multiple diverse buildings located in Bloomsburg, PA. There were 7 properties, 22 buildings, 147 apartment units and 339 beds spread throughout and around the Bloomsburg University campus.  They recognized that high speed internet could be a differentiator in their market.  

The Problem
The Apartment Store has multiple properties in Bloomburg, PA and the only provider was a cable company. The owners were already providing the Internet as an amenity to the residents but their property management office received complaints about the Internet speed, reliability and quality on a daily basis. They could not get the support or service they needed in the market so they were very frustrated as were their residents.

Dojo Networks 
We had a number of discussions with the property managers on how to resolve the issue. After taking a detailed look at the problem, we determined the best long term solution was to connect all of the properties together by building a fiber ring to all of them and to re-wire all of the buildings with Cat6 and to connect this fiber network back to our nationwide fiber backbone.. In the actual apartments, we installed a Ruckus managed WiFi system as well so all of the properties have property-wide WiFi. Each apartment operates as a private area network (PAN), meaning that whether the residents are using WiFi or Ethernet in their apartment they operate in their own secure network environment. Each building has a network cabinet or rack that ties into the fiber network (currently running at 10gigabits), each building as one or multiple Ruckus ICX switches which feature POE (power over ethernet) that powers the in unit WiFi access points. Each rack also has a managed UPS. We installed redundant connectivity to the network to eliminate the possibility of an outage from a fiber cut. Once the network was installed we came back and ran heat mapping (WiFi coverage maps) to make sure all areas of all of the apartments have solid coverage.

The Results
The customers now enjoy trouble-free WiFi internet, the property has a multi-property wireless system that they can tie in IOT devices for smart building management and the properties also have a guest network so friends, families and guests have an easy way to get on the network without sharing passwords. The year before we installed our Internet & WiFi system the property management office was filled with daily complaints about the Internet and the property staff was tasked with trying to solve those issues. Now the complaints are far and few between and we get thanks from the management staff every time they see us for solving this critical issue for them.

The Details
Garden Style and High Rise Mix of Buildings - Brownfield - Existing Construction - Bloomsburg, PA
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