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Why we support Affordable Housing with High Speed Internet & WiFi

Why we support Affordable Housing

We have worked with many affordable housing properties to provide this service to their residents as an amenity. Shrinking the digital divide and helping to stablize the monthly costs of your residents and keeping your costs low as well, typically 30% of the cost of your typical cable company or local fiber company.

Affordable Housing Internet

High-cost housing leaves low-income families with little money left over, forcing them to make difficult budgeting decisions that can lead to serious negative consequences.The digital divide is real and with the current global pandemic internet needs for communication and distance education are more important more now than ever. Affordable housing helps increase the discretionary income that low-income families have available to meet important needs or save for the future. Severe forms of housing instability can seriously jeapardize children’s performance and success in school. It is proven that stable, affordable housing improves educational outcomes for vulnerable children.

Affordable housing can function as a ‘vaccine’ - contributing to positive health outcomes by providing stability and freeing up resources for food and health care expenses.

While many pieces today are part of helping those in affordable housing today have better outcomes for their families and their students, the ability to get fast and reliable internet access has not been one of them.

It is important that high speed internet & WiFi become one of the included pieces of affordable housing.  And here is why: 

Affordable housing internet service
  • Many that are in this situation don’t have credit to be able to access quality internet service
  • In some cases the cost is too high to get quality internet
  • In some cases Internet will be cut as an optional expense
  • If the bill doesn’t get paid, Internet gets shut off, impacting the children's ability to learn

We understand the needs of both the builder, manager and resident of affordable housing.  Some of those things are the following:

  • Having a cost effective monthly internet plan, cheaper than the alternatives
  • No annual increases
  • 24/7 support and help desk and fast response to any issues
  • High quality and high speed connectivity
  • Managed WiFi so the resident doesn’t have to provide or support their own router
  • Dojo Networks® meets all of NYC HPD internet requirements

affordable family internet

With new issues such as Covid-19, the internet is needed more than ever so students and their families are not left behind and thus increasing the digital divide. Distance learning and distance work are becoming the norms. Our goal is to come up with a win-win-win solution that drives your costs and expenditures as low as possible while driving up the performance and service that you are delivering to your residents. Contact us today for a budgetary quote on how to provide high speed internet & WiFi for your property (typically your property will need at least 80 units for the economics to work), many times there are grants that can help you pay for the construction and also help cover the service fees.

To find out more, contact us today


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